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These photos are from an overnight trip to the floodplains near the top of Chief's Island, one of the most remote areas of the Okavango Delta. The floodplains were the driest that they had been in years, otherwise vehicle travel would have been impossible.

Our big sighting during this trip was a herd of several hundred cape buffalo. Although we occasionally saw groups of buffalo near Baboon Camp, their numbers rarely exceeded a dozen.

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Bodimo posing
with rifle

(see Note 1)

African civet

Cape buffalo

Campsite near
Chief's Island

(see Note 2)

Find the
Land Cruiser

  Oh give me
a home   


(see Okavango
Horse Safaris

Random lions

Steve and

Almost a
great photo

(see Note 3)

Janine reading
to Brad
and Nina

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Note 1. A rifle was brought along on this trip as a precaution against lions at night. We did not keep firearms at the Baboon Camp.

Note 2. When spending a night in the bush, we always slept under the stars and never used tents. The locals recommended sleeping with your head next to a wheel of your vehicle, thereby making it harder for lions to pull you out of your sleeping bag. Mosquito nets also seemed to be a good deterent.

(Another helpful tip: never leave home without your Hi-lift jack.)

Note 3. Back then it was considered fun to maneuver your vehicle into the middle of a stampeding buffalo herd and to drive along with the flow. Hence this photo, snapped from the middle of a dust-choking stampede while buffalo jostled the sides of our stripped-down Land Rover.