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Infant Carrying by Male Chacma Baboons
by Curt Busse and William J. Hamilton III
in Science, Volume 212, pages 1281-1283, 1981.

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I thank Elizabeth Sandler and The American Association for the Advancement of Science for permission to post this article.
Leopard and Lion Predation upon Chacma Baboons Living in the Moremi Wildlife Reserve
in Botswana Notes and Records, Volume 12, pages 15-21, 1980.

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I thank Trevor Burnett and The Botswana Society for kindly allowing me to post this article.
Primate Carnivory and Its Significance to Human Diets
by William J. Hamilton III and Curt D. Busse
in BioScience, Volume 28, pages 761-766, 1978.

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